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Slovenian inventions date back to the distant past. In the territory of today's Slovenia, people innovated more than 5,000 years ago: Oldest wheel with the axis of the world was found in Slovenia. But that was just the beginning. Who invented a spray for perfumes used by the whole world today? Or a pocket calculator? Who led the team of 4,500 people in the development of the Boeing 747? Who is developing storage halls that will make life possible on Mars?

The answer to everything is: Slovenes! All these are just some of the world-famous and popular innovations that are the fruit of Slovenian minds. On the 125th anniversary of the passing of Jožef Stefan, Slovenian quizum, a quiz about Slovenian achievements was launched online. With the help of humor, he illuminates the achievements of Slovenian engineers, innovators and pioneers.

At the EXPO Dubai 2021 world exhibition, the application was joined by a board game with cards: it is brought to the world by Slovenian companies and individuals. Below, players can check - in Slovenian, English or Arabic - whether the claims in the game are true or not.

And even without cards: take a look around and get to know the development achievements that Slovenians are proud of.

P.S. If you want to order an attractive and inspiring board game, contact us at urednistvo@mediade.si.

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